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Practice Areas


We have extensive experience in commercial litigation in a wide range of areas, including technology, marketing, Internet fraud and other Internet disputes, employment, including FLSA and state labor law disputes, RICO, intellectual property, shareholder rights and derivative litigation, antitrust, UCC, fiduciary obligations (of partners, investment bankers, brokers and other fiduciaries), constitutional law, civil rights law and many other kinds of commercial and private disputes. We practice in both the federal and state courts across the United States. In addition to the traditional court systems, we are experienced in a variety of methods of alternative dispute resolution, and where appropriate, can guide parties toward creative and helpful solutions to their problems.

intellectual property

Our intellectual property practice assists clients in protecting confidential information and trade secrets, in searching, registering, maintaining and licensing trademarks and copyrights, and in prosecuting and defending infringement claims. We regularly counsel clients on branding decisions and start-ups issues, and conduct trademark clearance for new products and services and company formations. We also handle a wide range of matters relating to software and other technology development and licensing arrangements, and we are well-versed in legal matters relating to the Internet. In addition, we counsel clients on a wide range of legal issues related to media, entertainment, technology, fine art and intellectual property rights, including rights of publicity and defamation (libel/slander) matters.


We can help with the growing legal needs of technology companies. In our technology practice, we prepare customized terms of use, privacy policies and data security policies and practices, software licensing, as well as customer service agreements for Internet clients ranging from small apparel boutiques to cutting edge artificial intelligence companies. We've helped fledgling companies grow their e-commerce businesses, and we’ve help long-established technology companies protect their hard-earned assets. We also represent technology companies in a wide range of disputes in various courts and other venues.

entertainment law

We are experienced with complex agreements in matters related to television, motion pictures, comic book publishing, video games, music publishing, recording, and performance. We have a background in both narrative television and unscripted programming and have negotiated deals for client films and programs appearing on virtually all the major cable networks. We negotiate and draft media licensing, talent, celebrity endorsements, life rights, acquisition, distribution, and production agreements. In the comic book and trade publishing industries, we represent both publishers and creators and we negotiate and draft literary rights agreements, motion picture options, collaboration agreements, artist’s services agreements, and publishing contracts. Our clients have created some of the world's best-known comic book heroes and villains and one of our partners wrote the first dedicated legal guide on comic book law. In the music industry, we represent both record companies and musical groups, and help our clients with band agreements, services contracts, management agreements, recording and performance contracts and music licensing.


From startups to established companies — from mergers and acquisitions, to sales, and business break-ups — we counsel our clients on business structure and strategy, negotiating and drafting complex agreements and handling a range of sophisticated corporate transactions. We assist clients with business entity formation, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and other key company documents. Across a variety of client industries, we create service contracts, licensing and rental agreements, employee agreements and handbooks, and severance agreements. And when it’s time for a client to close up shop, we assist with winding up a business, mergers, and the sale of assets or entities. 


One of the most important and enjoyable things we do is to serve as outside general counsel for a wide range of business in a variety of industries. We take pride in learning the businesses of our clients and adapting our knowledge and skills to a new and ever-changing marketplace. In this general counsel capacity, we field questions from clients on a daily basis assisting in employment issues, contracts, business disputes, intellectual property, and legal problem solving. We are firm believers in taking a proactive approach with our clients and take pride in helping them develop effective legal strategies, to identify and prevent issues before they occur.